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Berlin is offering exciting research and training opportunities in bio-medical sciences combined with a truly metropolitan lifestyle in one of the most exciting cities in Europe. We are bringing together the long established excellence of Berlin's biological research and the unique strength of its medical science to provide an interdisciplinary platform for excellent post-graduate training. Our internationally renowned faculty works in areas as diverse as protein crystallography and gene therapy, bioinformatics and cell signalling, infection biology and immunology, neurosciences and regenerative medicine.
Our network has more than 500 PhD students from all over the world who can exchange their ideas with fellow students during joint retreats, symposia and training courses and visits to other laboratories to learn new techniques. With a comprehensive complementary training programme, we aim to give the PhD students an all-round education in preparation for their future careers in academia or industry.


PhD ProgramContact
  International Graduate Program Medical Neurosciences
Focusing on translational research, the main objective of the program is to bridge the gap between successes at the bench and - currently - less than satisfactory treatment at the bedside.
Lutz Steiner
ZIBI Graduate School on Infectious Diseases and Immunology
The ZIBI Graduate School provides a multidisciplinary approach to study infectious diseases and the immune system with specific regard towards pathogen-host interactions.
Juliane Kofer
Andreas Schmidt
Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies
Outstanding interdisciplinary training and research opportunities for clinical, biological, and engineering scientists working in the field of Regenerative Medicine who want to look beyond their research and aim at translating their scientific discoveries into clinical applications.
Sabine Bartosch
Berlin School of Mind and Brain
Research takes place at the interface of humanities and behavioral sciences with neurosciences. Transdisciplinary projects aim to understand the human mind.
Annette Winkelmann
MDC Graduate School (Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Neurobiology, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases)
In order to address medical challenges posed by complex diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, neurodegeneration etc., a strong effort in Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine is crucial.
Jana Dröse